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The 50 Best Christmas Sales Going on Now (And After Christmas Too!) Latest of 2021

From Christmas to after Christmas, these are some of the best holiday sales we’ve been waiting for all year!

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Our Top Current Favorites

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  • Wayfair: Up to 60% Off These Holiday Deals – See It Here

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  • Amazon: Up to 30% Off Their Official Holiday Deals Today – See It Here

It really is the most wonderful time of the year, but also the most stressful. And we’re not just talking about stress on our minds, but stress on our wallets too! We’re fresh off all things Black Friday and Cyber Monday and, still, we have no idea what we should get anyone on our list for this upcoming Christmas. We’re procrastinators but, apparently, that may not help our cause when we’re trying to get the best deals of the year.

According to a recent report from Fortune, the best day to buy your holiday gifts is December 4th. We usually don’t even have our list together by then. However, if you’re looking to save on some big ticket items (think 4K televisions, laptops, smart home essentials, appliances, and other tech gadgets) the best days to shop are from December 11th – 15th.

The only problem with all of this is that, well, you’re here now and looking for what’s on sale now. We’ve rounded up some of the best Christmas sales (so far) this year. Plus, scroll below to see some of the best ‘day after Christmas’ sales taking place too. From Walmart to Target and Nordstrom to Best Buy (and everything in between), we’ve got you covered this 2021 holiday!

The 6 Best Ways to Shop an After-Christmas Sale

It may seem like you’ve just celebrated the big day but, well, now it’s over and the real savings are about to take place! Here we’ll help you figure out some of the best ways to save and exactly what you should be looking for and when. Ho-ho-hope the tips and tricks help save you a holiday sack full of money!

1. Winter Merch Can Go For 50% Off: That’s right folks, winter pretty much just started 4 days before Christmas but after the holiday most retailers are starting to actually get rid of their winter stuff and are starting to plan for spring. It’s the worst/best time of the year. If you live anywhere within the northeast (or anywhere with an actual winter) you know that cold weather will be around for at least another four months. So, stock up and save on all the winter sweaters, boots, coats, scarves and hats that you didn’t get under the tree this year because many will range in savings anywhere from 30% – 70% off.

2. Trade In Those Gift Cards You Don’t Want: Did you get your 10th gift card to Sephora this holiday and, well, you don’t shop there? Well, you can technically trade in your gift card for one(s) that you actually do want at sites like this. Once you do that you can then hit the end-of-year sales immediately at the store you actually want to shop at. Sure you’ll lose a little bit of your total, but at least you’ll get one you’ll actually use!

3. Plan For Next Holiday: This seems like the worst idea in the world at the time, but you’ll be grateful next year! Starting Dec 26th – Dec 31st, most retailers are slashing their prices of holiday supplies like gift wrapping paper, tissue paper, holiday gift bags, decorations and more. Oh, and did we mention that these usually can go for up to 80% off their original price? Score! So if you need to replace some old tree lights, ornaments, or just want to get those giant wrapping paper rolls for next year, well, now’s the time. You’ll be thanking yourself in 2021!

4. Wait a Week for your Tech Deals: As you may already know, most of the best tech deals typically take place on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. After that the 2nd week of December usually is when you’ll see the most savings. However, if you can wait until the week after Christmas you could really score some of the best tech prices of the year. Not only are the major retailers slashing prices to get rid of their stock in order to make room for newer models, CES takes place in January and that’s when everyone is showing off their latest (and future) tech gear and so the stores need to make room! While the savings will depend store-by-store, we’ll typically see an average savings of around 25% – 30% off.

5. Toys is Where It’s At: Ok, so, you’ll be the worst parent in the world if you don’t get your kiddo the toy(s) they’ve been begging you and Santa for but, for example, if you’ve missed out before Christmas, you’ll have some luck after. Starting December 26th most retailers that stock the latest toys will need to move all the extras they have that didn’t sell. This is when you can typically get up to 50% off. Plus, a helpful little hint is to grab these toys after the holiday when you’re still getting together with your friends who have kids or out-of-town family for a gift exchange. Hey, they don’t need to know you didn’t get their gift before the big day!

6. Do NOT Buy Certain Things: This is a fun one because it never really applies to us, but it does apply to so many people out there. There are actually certain things you shouldn’t be buying. Did you know jewelry is a big no-no? Especially any type of ring. Believe it or not many people still get engaged right at the end of the year so jewelry prices are typically higher than the norm. Either get it early or wait until after the New Year. Speaking of which, those New Years Eve dresses and/or suits? If it has sparkles, don’t think you’re getting a good deal on that either. Basically anything that’s marketed for the New Years Eve crowd will be much higher in price and less likely on sale.

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