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Kota Factory Season 3 Is Officially Confirmed By The Director

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

TVF’s Kota Factory is one of the most recognized web series for Indians. After the series was released on Netflix it became more popular through the huge platform. No wonder why Kota Factory season 2 receives such huge applause from the fans. Now after season 2 finished airing, fans are looking forward to Kota Factory season 3.

The web series follows the lives of the students who are pursuing the engineering entrance exam of the country. Following the daily lives of these young students who are often pressured by the people and the society to crack the exam in order to have a luxurious life.

Kota Factory revolves around Vaibhav Pandey, who is one of the aspirants preparing for the Jee Exams. Along with him, the show features his close friends, family, and his motivation sir Jeetu Bhaiya who is also an IITian.

The film features the lives of the students in Kota, Rajasthan where the city is filled with numerous Coaching Institutes. After season 2 was released on Netflix. The cliffhanger was enough for the fans to predict that there would be Kota Factory Season 3.

Even though the show follows engineering students, there is no doubt the fanbase of the show is more than that. After the series was released in 2019, it became one of the most popular TVF’s series over time.

Fans are looking at what would happen in the Kota Fator Season 3 and if it is happening or not? We will be discussing everything about the amazing web series here. If you are someone who loves Kota Factory then don’t miss any updates regarding it.

Kota Factory Season 3: Confirmed Or Not?

The second season of Kota Factory was just released on Netflix. TVF’s discussed how the lives of these young minds of the country get pressured for clearing the Engineering exam.

Thousands of students filled the paper of the JEE and with them, only few got selected. As the Season 2 of Kota Factory was released, it became instantly popular among the country. The series has been left on the cliffhanger and the exam is still not yet happening.

Fans have confirmed that the Kota Factory season 3 would be happening for sure.

Netflix have not officially announced the renewal of the series yet. Fans are looking at what can possibly happen in Kota Factory Season 3.

However, Recently the director of Kota Factory, Raghav, has discussed the future plans of the show. Raghav Shubbu talks about Kota Factory Season 3 and all the related things.

The director confirmed the Kota Factory Season 3 through his latest interview. Kota Factory Season 3 is officially confirmed for the fans and the director says that the devolpenet is also started.

The Director tells how he is viewing the Kota Factory Season 3 and what are the future challenges he would express through the web series. He speaks, “This city is about determination, it is about being better than who you are and making it. Our goals might be different but our journeys, pretty much the same,”.

Moreover, the Kota factory has already received positive responses and great ratings by the audience and the critics, with the series being the fan favorite all over the country, we already knew that Kota Factory Season 3 would happen.

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Kota Factory Season 3: When is it Going to Release?

There is no official release date confirmed for Kota factory season 3. The creators have just confirmed about the series and it would be too fast to reveal everything. The Kota Factory season 2 was released on 24 September 2021. With the season 2 release, it discussed everything that happens around the young students.

As the Director already co fiend the Kota Factory season 3, we are predicting the Season 3 would be releasing super soon. The production of the show is already stated, with this, there is no doubt that Netflix will also reveal about Season 3.

The Kota Factory would be released somewhere in 2022. As the showrunners have already released one season every year, I can confirm that Kota factory Season 3 will be happening in the next year.

Kota Factory Season 3 Plot: What Can We Expect with it?

The second season of Kota Factory shows how Jeetu Bhaiya has left the old institute and has opened his own where he doesn’t take fees from his old students. It comes as a light when one of the favorite characters states to refurinised these young students through his teaching skills. For the students, Jeetu Bhaiya is an inspirational teacher who is not like a teacher to them at all.

Moreover, the Kota Factory season 2 follows many ups and downs in the lives of the students. Vaibhav and the friends are earlier thinking of taking the JEE decision as questionable. The 12 boards are already coming along with the entrance exam.

After establishing his own institute, How will Jeetu bhaiya help these students? We know that Vainhava and his friends are already super serious about the exam and this has certainly affected the friendship too.

Another big thing that happens in Season 2 of the Kota factory, the suicidal of Varnali. Jeetu bhaiya, through his speeches, has told multiple times how he was also a sacred student and has gone through a lot.

I predict that the Kota Factory season 3 would definitely dig into the past of Jeetu bhaiya. As the character is already famous and we all are excited to know how he takes the exam and what circumstances were there that led him like this.

Along with this, the suicidal attempts of Varnali will definitely open another chapter for the plot. The writers have already admitted that the development of Kota Factory Season 3 is already in. It is not far when we can already see this Black & white TV series filling the voids of happiness.

Kota Fator Season 3 Cast: Who is Returning Back in the Show?

The series focuses on Vaibhav and his students who are preparing for the engineering exam through the prestigious college of Kota, However, Vaibah wants to enroll in the Maheswari Classes, which is known as one of the elite institutes for the students to prepare for the examination. Season 2 brings back that Vaibhav has already enrolled in the institute and one of the reasons behind this is her love interest in Vartika.

Saurabh sharma, the creator of the series has already told how the IIT preparation for the young students often left the traumatizing side. Not everyone will be able to crack exams and those who even after fighting and struggling a lot didn’t make it, it left them in depression.

The Kota Factory Season 3 is already confirmed. The upcoming seasons would follow the original cast of the series. Lives would be difficult for Vaibhav and his friends who have already been up to a lot of Pressure.

Here is the cast of

  • Mayur More will be seen as Vaibhav Pandey

  • Ranjan Raj will follow the role of Balmukund Meena

  • Alam Khan will be reprise as Uday Gupta

  • Jitendra Kumar as Jeetu Bhaiya

  • Ahsaas Channa will be seen as Shivangi Ranawat

  • Revathi Pillai as Vartika Ratawal

  • Urvi Singh will be recast as Meenal Parekh

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