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Do you feel bad for Harshad Mehta after watching scam 1992?

I haven’t watched Scam 1992 but i know the story of Harshad Mehta and i have watched his interviews. The guy was a absolute genius. The guy wasn’t born with the silver spoon. He literally started from zero and reached to the top. He took the privilege of loophole in the system. He didn’t do any kind of scam. He just knew how to turn the loopholes into his favor and he was quite successful in it. And he wasn’t involved alone. There were Big names from PM Narsimha Rao to many big names from banking sector. He was made scapegoat. He was trapped by the dirty politicians of India. Unlike Nirav Modi and Vijay Mallya. He didn’t run away. He returned all their money. He didn’t die of chest pain and all. He died under the torture by police.

If he had been alive today then he would be the richest person of India and the Indian stock market would have been on the next level.

He wasn’t villain. He didn’t steal. He didn’t run away.

I remember one of his lines from one of the interviews and it’s my favorite.

“ I don’t want to pass this poison to my son”

He was an opportunist not a scammer. He was the Big Bull.

The above picture is of Harshad Mehta when he was at the peak of the career.

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